How to make injections at home yourself

Как делать уколы дома самостоятельно

Injection - a way of introducing certain solutions (eg medicines) into the body with a syringe and a hollow needle or by injecting under high pressure (needle-free injection).

I was always afraid of injections and could never imagine that I would learn to do them myself! But in life everything happens, for example, injections are given intramuscularly, and there is no possibility to go to the hospital. What to do? You can ask for injections from someone close to you or neighbors with a medical background. But sometimes it happens that this can not be done.

After reading this instruction on the smartphone, I decided to inject a shot intramuscularly to myself! I admit, I was very worried and afraid. But the precise instructions helped me masterfully cope with the task! The most difficult thing in doing an injection yourself is to overcome the fear of puncturing the skin. Believe me, it's not as painful as it seems. How to make an injection in the buttock to yourself? We'll talk about this in the article.

How to make an injection in the home

Как делать уколы дома самостоятельно

  1. Wash your hands with soap, shake the ampoule and break off its tip. Type the medicine in the syringe.
  2. To correctly determine the site of the injection, hold the imaginary cross on the buttock, which will divide it into 4 parts. The injection should be done in the upper outer square!
  3. Take the syringe in your right hand, remove the cap from the needle. With your left hand, gently collect the skin at the presumptive site of the injection, forming a cushion. Quickly stick a needle, holding it perpendicular. If very scary, you can take a deep breath.
  4. Now relax and apply the medicine as slowly as possible! The syringe should be held like a handle, pressing the piston with your thumb.
  5. After the administration of the medicine, massage the injection site with cotton wool soaked in alcohol.
Как делать уколы дома самостоятельно

Now you know how to inject yourself! There is nothing to worry about. Many say that it's easier to chop yourself in the leg, but this moment is rather doubtful. After an injection in the hip, unpleasant pain may occur, the leg will pull. Option with a stab in the buttock - a win-win!

Doing prick yourself, pay attention to the length of the needle: for intramuscular injections, use only long needles! A needle of the right length will ensure that the medicine enters the muscle, not under the skin, which will help to avoid the inflammatory process.

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