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How to drink water after meals

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Как правильно пить воду после еды

Boris Skachko doctor, phytotherapeutist, nutritionist

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In order for the water after a meal to benefit you, it must fall into an empty stomach - that is, really after a meal.

A completely different indicator should be taken into account - the time of digestion of food in the stomach!

Do you know how to drink water after a meal? For this, even an ordinary person should know exactly when this very state “after eating” occurs in his body. And even more so if you strive to maintain an active healthy lifestyle, in which there is time for amateur or big sports, fitness, bodybuilding ...

Drink clean water while eating, fortunately, have stopped advising. Although at one time it was a real trend. But he did not become a brand - after all, for a full digestion of food in the stomach, you need a concentration of gastric juice, sufficient, at least, for the digestion of proteins. And sports nutrition and the correct use of protein foods are almost synonymous.

In such a simple way it is easy to disrupt the effective functioning of the digestive system. By the way, if you drink water while eating, you will lose weight quickly. But at what a price! The cost of enhancing the activity of pathogenic microflora in the intestine (dysbacteriosis), ingestion of proteins rotting into the blood, overloading of the excretory ability of the liver and kidneys, worsening condition of the joints, reduction of hair on the head, exacerbation of prostatitis or mastopathy, increasing symptoms of renal failure ...

What is the difference between “drinking water while eating” and “drinking water after eating”? Often - almost nothing. And now you will understand why.

When is it most often advised to drink water after a meal? Some recommend drinking water immediately after a meal, more often - 40-60 minutes later. At the same time, the beginning of the meal or its ending is taken as a point of reference. And if the amount of food at a time is more than the physiological norm? Or a festive feast somewhat delayed?

Therefore, a completely different indicator should be taken into account - the time of digestion of food in the stomach. After all, in fact, in order for the water after a meal to benefit you, it must fall into an empty stomach. That is really after a meal. Only then can water participate in numerous metabolic reactions without disturbing the digestive process and bring you health.

Как правильно пить воду после еды

If you have eaten a portion of ice cream in 50-100 g, then the state "after a meal" comes in 20-30 minutes. And you have a choice: either drink 1-2 glasses of water and prolong the feeling of fullness, or make the body shape more lush with the next batch of high-calorie easily digestible food. Candy, chocolate and most other confectionery products also work.

Approximately the same time is needed to free the stomach from berries, raw vegetables and fruits. Here for the "raw foodists" who eat well, the recommendation to drink water after 30-40 minutes is appropriate. Juicy berries, salads from raw fruits or vegetables, included in the food system called "raw foods", maintain this rate of introduction of water, even with a reserve. With this diet, some people can only lead a not very active lifestyle. Periodically plunging into meditation or doing light physical labor, playing chess, checkers.

Porridges, bread, pasta, vegetable stews, lean soups with a small volume (2 closed palms) and counting time at the end of the meal easily fit the recommendation to drink water after a meal after 40-60 minutes.

Fitness, bodybuilding or amateur sports will require more from you. And especially hard physical labor and a great sport. Hard vegetarianism, macrobiotics, raw foods, and any kind of sport — with rare exceptions — are practically incompatible.

Muscular work requires more protein than intellectual work. Therefore, the diet needs to be expanded. And at least dairy products should appear in it.

Remember how a newborn baby eats? Every 3 hours or 8 times a day. Do you know why? So much time is needed for the digestion of breast milk.

In an adult, after drinking milk, the state “after eating” also occurs after 2.5-3 hours. This time allows the body to significantly reduce dairy bacteria. Thanks to this pretreatment, 200-250 ml of kefir, yogurt, and yogurt leave the stomach faster. But about 1.5 hours the stomach is busy. And it is at rest. The state of stress, physical exertion or physical inactivity can increase this period. And if you drink water in 1.5 hours, you will, in fact, drink it "while eating".

Как правильно пить воду после еды

The most healthy food system is recognized as a new vegetarianism, very similar to the Mediterranean diet. That it is more suited to sports, fitness, bodybuilding, physical labor. In the diet is welcome the use of white meat, fish, poultry. But the proteins contained in them are digested on average 5-6 hours. Therefore, it is important to understand how to correctly alternate meals, water and exercise.

Everything would be fine if the physiology of metabolism in the human body did not require the frequency of meals from 4-5 times a day. And to complete the diet, leaving time to drink water, you need to eliminate time to sleep. Still, 24 hours is not enough. It is correct to drink water not only after eating, but not earlier than 1 hour before the next meal . Otherwise, drinking water does not fully produce gastric juice, and dilute it - more expensive.

Как правильно пить воду после еды

What to do? Quit sports, stop going to the gym, fitness club, swimming pool? In no case! Dosed physical activity with a modern lifestyle is needed. And in many cases it is vital.

Just drinking water must be correct. Water in itself is a little culinary masterpiece. For this reason, it does not cause sufficient irritation of the receptors in the oral cavity and the stomach to produce digestive secretions. As a result, drinking water during meals dilutes the gastric juice and disrupts the digestive process. Until a sudden excess of water from the stomach is removed. After that, the necessary concentration of digestive secrets will be restored, and digestion will be continued.

Therefore, if you have other goals in life, except to control the rather boring process of digesting food, you need to make drinking water an active "sokogonnym" means - so that when you get into the stomach, such prepared water causes additional formation of gastric juice. Then, after a slight inhibition of digestion, it will increase.

Indeed, to the juice, the formation of which was caused by the actual food, was added juice allocated to such water. That is why if during a meal or soon after a meal a cup of coffee, tea, fruit drink, fruit juice or uzvar is drunk, digestion after a short stop will resume with greater force. And using water in this form, you get health benefits, and not a reason to quit sports, stop attending a gym or a fitness club.

Good health and reasonable attitude to it!