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Recognizing the symptoms of a stroke

Распознование симптомов инсульта

Remembering this simple information, you can save the lives of people.

How does a stroke happen?

During outdoor recreation, the woman stumbled and fell - she assured everyone that she was fine (friends insisted on calling an ambulance), that she simply tripped over a stone, because not yet used to my new shoes. She continued to enjoy the rest in spite of the fact that she seemed somewhat “out of her mind” ...

A neurologist subsequently stated that if he could reach the victim within three hours, he would completely eliminate the consequences of a stroke.

In the evening, her husband called and said that his wife was taken to the hospital (she was gone at 6 pm). During the picnic, as it turned out, she had a stroke.

Three basic techniques for recognizing stroke symptoms (USP)

  • U - Ask the affected person SMILE .
  • Z - Ask him to SPEAK ( Ask to pronounce a coherently simple sentence, for example: “The sun is shining outside the window” )
  • P - Ask him to LIFT BOTH HANDS .

Attention - another way to recognize a stroke (in addition to the above): ask the victim to EXPLAIN THE LANGUAGE . If the tongue is crooked or irregular in shape and falls to the side, then this is also a sign of a stroke.

If you notice that the victim has a problem with these tasks, immediately call an ambulance and describe the symptoms to the doctors who arrived at the place.

PS. Cardiologists claim that anyone who sends this text to 10 people can be sure that he saved at least one life.