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Oily skin care

Уход за жирной кожей

Oily skin glistens, often has a pale color and a rough structure in which the mouths of the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, or pores, are especially noticeable. Glitter is caused by increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. And although during puberty oily skin is often covered with acne and acne, it has one advantage - excess sebum prevents it from drying out.

Oily skin needs
Dust and dirt fall onto oily skin rather than dry. Water is especially useful to her, so the ideal way to clean is washing with the help of soap cream and cleansing briquettes. Although some people with very oily skin can successfully use regular soap. You can also use light, non-greasy cleansing lotions.
If the degreasing effect of soap, water and lotion is good for oily skin, too rough treatment removes too much fat from it, which leads to additional secretion of the sebaceous glands. A vicious circle. The most that can be exposed to the skin is a light, two-minute massage with your fingertips using soap or lotion and water every morning and evening. After cleaning, remove excess fat with an astringent. For very oily skin, additional moisturizers are not required, however, if you only have slightly oily skin, it needs to be moisturized from time to time, especially in areas with a dry climate. There may be separate dry skin areas on the face, such as lips, neck, cheekbones and forehead, which should be regularly moisturized.

It is useful in the morning to wash with boiled water, using a special soap, for example, soap "Safeguard"; Experts consider it one of the important means of personal hygiene. On the shelves of shops you can find other popular types of soap, recommended by cosmetologists and dermatologists. For washing you can use a terry napkin or a mitten made of soft fabric, as well as gauze. Do not use a stiff brush, as it may cause premature wrinkles.

Good face wipe with a piece of ice with healing supplements. Refreshing oily skin toilet water. To do this, apply a wet swab to the skin of the face with light movements, then apply a nourishing cream along the massage lines. When choosing a cream for yourself, carefully review its description and consider the degree of its fat content (the cream can be either fat or bold, a hydrant).

After completing the morning procedures, you can proceed to make-up. Skin tonal cream should also be selected based on its type.
During the day, oily skin can be gently wet, powdered, compact or crumbly powder. In the evening, after you remove makeup, paint from eyes, lips, concealer, you can wash your face with warm water and soap. Toilet soap should be chosen specifically for oily skin. Contrast washing is useful for oily skin when warm water alternates with cold (cool) water. After washing the water on the face, you can not wipe with a towel, and dried in the air, then wipe with a decoction of herbs that contain medicinal additives, narrowing the pores. At night, you should not apply the cream, as the skin of the face may shrink, therefore use cosmetic milk (almond or other) or cosmetic cream.

Steam bath, which should be done once a week, with a lack of time - once every two weeks, will help you clean your skin from acne. A deeper cleansing - peeling - can be performed with the help of a cosmetic scrub. Available masks in the package, for example, lifting. These new cosmetics are well established and have received approval in many countries around the world. After the steam bath it is necessary to make a mask of vegetables or fruits or a mask wrap. Sometimes for cleansing (exfoliation) of the skin using ready-made masks (this mask resembles a fancy dress) with slits for the eyes. Her "worn" on the face, well fastened and left for some time. Detailed instructions attached to the finished mask.

Causes of increased oily skin
An increase in the oiliness of the skin can be caused by various reasons - dysfunction of the endocrine system, the intestines and others. Of course, if the cause is established, it is necessary, first of all, to try to eliminate it, that is, to cure a disease that adversely affects the skin. Daily care for oily skin provides especially thorough cleansing.

It is not recommended to wash with hot water often, as the activity of the sebaceous glands only increases. Hot water is enough to use 2-3 times a week. On other days, use cold water for washing, which tones the skin, improves its nutrition, tightens pores and reduces oiliness. It is useful to wipe the skin with ice from infused equally divided Hypericum, calendula, mint, serpentine root, rowan leaves.

Special care
If oily skin flakes off or after water treatments, a sensation of dryness appears, use a liquid cream before washing or make a mask of yogurt, and after washing, apply a nourishing cream on wet skin. For oily, porous skin masks are useful: protein, protein-lemon, protein-camphor, fruit and vegetable, yeast, from hydrogen peroxide. The care of mixed or combination skin is based on the type of skin on different parts of the face: oily skin care products are used for oily areas and dry skin for dry areas.