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Psychologist Kovalev S.V. - Psychology of the innermost

Психолог Ковалёв С.В.
Psychologist Kovalev Sergey Viktorovich
• Psychologist, psychotherapist, management consultant, political consultant.
• Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Academician IIA.
• PhD, GrPhD, Full professor.
• Psychotherapist of the World and European Register, certified NLP Master Trainer and specialist in Erickson hypnotherapy.
• Full member of the Russian Psychological Society and the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League (OPLP).
• President of the Interregional Department of Neuro-Linguistic Programming: NLP Consulting, Coaching, Psychology and Psychotherapy of CPL; community certified consultant; Official Lecturer and Supervisor of International Class Practice
• General Director of the Institute of Innovative Psychotechnologies and Scientific Director of the Center for Practical Psychotherapy.
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He was born a long time ago, but as a person who is going to live happily ever after (due to the neuroprogramming of his own Consciousness and Body) he has already changed his birth dates for himself twice. He successfully graduated from the Department of Psychology of Moscow State University (although he lost his red diploma because of the "four" in the exam on scientific communism). Having replaced several rather exotic places of work (such as the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant, the Krasnogorsk GK Komsomol and even the VKKS at the Komsomol Central Committee), he relieved himself at the Department of Sociology and Psychology of the Moscow Institute of Management. And in vain, since it turned out that this is still an office that fully and completely meets the principle of "a pack of comrades" and a "terrarium of like-minded people." With "grief" he wrote and published his first books on the psychology of the modern family. Unable to withstand the terror of his co-workers, he fled to free bread, opening one of the first cooperatives in Russia. He never returned to the civil service, but managed to firmly and firmly fall in love with NLP neuro-linguistic programming, and while in this still-continuing state of love, he also defended himself, and at the same time created his own scientific direction: Eastern version of neuroprogramming (the author’s method of counseling and psychotherapy). He opened his own Center for NLP Technologies (now the Institute of Innovative Psychotechnologies) in order to move neuro-linguistic programming not only forward, but also to the masses.

Within the framework of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League (OPLP), he created the Interregional Department of NLP Consulting, Coaching, Psychology and Psychotherapy, sincerely (but it seems to be unsuccessful) hoping to unite the diverse and diverse actions of the "gentlemen of enpersons", and at the same time slightly increase the level of qualification and demand designated community. He became a member (possibly in vain) of many public organizations, including (if I'm not mistaken) the movement "Russia without drugs" and the Guild of automobile journalists. He wrote a bunch (under two dozen) of books on psychology and neuro-linguistic programming, and not only did not stop, but, on the contrary, began to write them with redoubled zeal. Successfully provides services to overcome phobias with neurosis, treatment of depression.

Now he lives safely in his own house in the near Moscow region, he is not willing to part with this place and does not often visit Moscow. Author and permanent trainer at the Institute of Innovative Psychotechnology training programs. It still works a lot, but with even greater pleasure.

Married long and happily, brings up his beloved daughter, and from other household members a dog and a cat. Already not young, but still far from the same as before, but is engaged in martial arts and the "iron game". Moderately, but confidently, he is engaged in esotericism, qigong, meditation and astral flaming. And, most importantly, is going to do a lot more in this earthly life ...