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Scientists have uncovered the secret of male evaluative views

Only your beloved can have such extraordinary eyes

Most of us are sure: the man, seeing the woman, first looks at her breasts, the second - just below the back. Or in the opposite sequence. A woman, looking at a man, assesses how bulging his buttocks, broad shoulders. It would seem that there can be doubts. However, they arose when British scientists published the results of their recent research. It involved a thousand men and the same number of women.

Volunteers told - very frankly, according to their assurances - about where they are taking their assessing views first, in the second, and so on. It was then that it became clear how great our delusions were.

Look at the diagram drawn up based on the results of the study. In the male evaluative look, the female breast, it turns out, occupies only the third place, and the ass is not even included in the top five.

And women? Men's buttocks for them in general nothing - they are in a shameful ninth place. The notorious width of the shoulders - on the sixth.

In leaders, both sexes have the same eyes and smile.

Ученые раскрыли тайну мужских оценивающих взглядов

And as you, guys, do not be ashamed

"Let me not believe it!" - could tell the British scientists their American colleagues from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Professor Sarah Gervase did not trust the words, but applied impartial technique.

Giving some - very short - time to look at images of men and women, the researcher put on the subjects special masks of the Eyelink II system with sensors that allowed to determine the duration of the views and their directions.

The analysis showed: a woman's face is the last place where men look, evaluating a stranger. Accordingly, the eyes located on the face, they are of little interest.

At all, without exception, representatives of the stronger sex, who participated in the experiments, their own eyes, of course, ran. But mainly in the area of ​​the female breast, waist and hips. That is, the notion that it should be so, is by no means an error.

Sarah proves that it is the female breast that captures the views of men in the first place. And they look at it longer than other parts of the body - an average of 62 milliseconds. Hips and waist - 15 milliseconds less. And the bigger the breasts and the thinner the waist, the longer the evaluating look falls on them.

Funny, but for some reason women look at a stranger in the same sequence as men. Most likely, they subconsciously assess how strong a competition it is - a stranger - can make up.

Who still believe? British scientist or American? For men, such a question is not so important. But just in case, ladies can consider eyes, smiles, and all that are lower attractive. And, being in a male society, for example, at a corporate party, to serve in a favorable light all at once.

Otherwise you can not

Strong sex is literally tuned to the perception of feminine delights. The American neurologist Benjamin Hayden showed them to the subjects. And by means of a tomograph fixed activity in men's brains. Defined: the brains in response are necessarily excited. And regardless of the will of the observer, so-called endorphins are injected - drugs of their own domestic production. From what kicks. Together with the owner of the brain. Therefore, not to cast an appropriate view, it is practically impossible to take it off. Hence, most likely, the results obtained by Sarah Gervase.