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Top positions for sex, for men and women

Топ позиций для секса, для мужчин и женщин

Sexual or sexual behavior of a person (from lat. Sexus - gender) is a combination of mental reactions, attitudes and actions associated with the manifestation and satisfaction of a person’s sexual desire. Sexual behavior is a form of interaction between individuals. A person’s sexual behavior is a practical realization of his sexuality and is one of the options for social behavior. The actual sexual behavior of a person may not correspond to his sexual orientation. Although human sexual behavior is closely related to reproductive function, however, unlike the sexual behavior of animals, it is determined by the social development of a particular person. Therefore, human sexual behavior is relatively autonomous from its reproductive function.

The prelude to sexual intercourse, or preliminary lovemaking, is a preliminary intensification of arousal immediately before sexual intercourse. The purpose of preliminary lovemaking is to give more pleasure to the partner, as well as to allow the woman to experience an orgasm, if the partners have difficulties with normal sexual intercourse without preliminary caresses, which is often enough according to statistics. Thus, the prelude provides partners with the highest degree of pleasure, is a means of diversity in sex. Prelude is also the first step in the chain of actions that form the cycle of a person’s sexual intercourse (arousal). The erogenous zones of a woman or man are stimulated through touch, kisses, by oral and other methods. Preliminary caresses of a man may include stimulation of the penis, scrotum, as well as the same erogenous zones as that of a woman (nipples of the chest, earlobe, abdomen, neck, etc.).

Sexual positions - various positions for copulation are described in many sources of different cultures, from ancient times to the present day. All paired heterosexual positions can be conditionally combined into several large groups: a man on top, a woman on top, a man behind, cruciform positions, side positions, sitting and standing positions, as well as mixed positions, for example, the position of the “boat”, and athletic positions that require additional dexterity and partly special physical training. In any of the positions, both a woman and a man can be active.

Love makes everyone happy! How many poses in sex could you name outright? How many sex poses do you use? How to diversify sex life? No not like this. How to return vivid sensations to your bed and move sleep-nap closer to the morning? We’ll leave the song about love-carrots for teens and ladies' novels. Remember the salvation of those whose hands are drowning? The human sexiest organ is the brain. He is able to recreate a lot of things in real life. It is only necessary to move slightly the convolutions of this very brain and involve the creative forces of the body in solving the problem. So how to do this?

There is a common stereotype that sex is only pleasure and nothing more. In fact, the role of intimacy in the life of every adult is much more global. Experts have long determined that the presence of sexual life affects both the psychological and physiological state of a person, thereby bringing not only pleasure, but also self-confidence, youth and beauty. In addition, overall satisfaction with marriage often depends on sexual satisfaction. Sexologists believe that if spouses have everything in order in an intimate relationship, then they serve as a background for the development of husband and wife relations in other areas. Today we will present you a photo of the best pose for sex.


Миссионерская - Топ любовных позиций

Missionary position is one of the most popular sexual positions. In the classic version, the man is on top, between the spread legs of a woman lying on her back. The possibility of prolonged eye and body contact. The most commonly used position in the world - missionary - is a particularly intimate position in which you are face to face. You like it because you can control the depth and speed of penetration. A woman enjoys feeling her lover's weight and maximum skin contact. Please note that it is quite difficult for a man in this position to keep ejaculation due to intense friction and deep penetration. To extend your lovemaking, at some point, change your position to one in which the pressure decreases slightly. Lift up a bit to create a space between you and a small vibrator, massage the top of her knoll.

A spoon

Ложка - Топ любовных позиций

A spoon. good position, great during pregnancy, or if the man is heavy enough. Also ideal for long lovemaking. You both lie on your side, turned in the same direction, a man behind the back of a woman. She bends her knees and bends so as to provide more convenient access to the vagina. Adjusting the inclination of your body will change the angle of entry and help your partner choose the movements that will bring you the most pleasure. Try to synchronize your breath. One of you becomes a leader, and the other follows his breath in such a way that you inhale and exhale together. A harmonious rhythm opens an unspoken dialogue of special intimacy.


69 - Топ любовных позиций

Pose 69 (the terms Pose Valleta, French love, Cross love, French L'amour croise are also sometimes used) is one of the most famous postures for oral sex, giving partners the opportunity to conduct mutual oral stimulation. At the same time, partners are located relative to each other in an inverted position, like numbers in the number “69”, hence the name. Despite the sufficient fame, the pose for many is not very convenient for achieving an orgasm: mutual affection distracts partners, not allowing them to concentrate either on the pleasure or on its receipt. For this reason, this pose is often part of the prelude. Simultaneous oral pleasure. When a woman is on top at position 69, she can control the intensity of oral stimulation of her clitoris by raising or lowering the pelvis. In this position, it is easy for her to work with the sensitive area of ​​the man just below the testicles. Also experience 69 when the man is on top. Roll over on your side at position 69!


Утюг - Топ любовных позиций

Enhances vaginal pleasure. She lies face down on the bed, slightly bending her knees and lifting her hips. For comfort and an increase in the angle of the hips, she can place a pillow under her stomach. He enters it from behind and holds his weight, resting his hands on the bed. This position creates a tight fit, and in addition, it allows a man to feel much more like a lady, creates a feeling of superiority. You will stay longer in this position if the partner slows down a little and begins to breathe deeply.

G stimulation

Стимуляция G - Топ любовных позиций

It allows deep penetration and is focused on point G. She lies on her back. He puts his knees between her legs and lifts them, putting his calves on his shoulders. The partner moves up and down so that the head and trunk of his penis are in direct contact with the front wall of the vagina. Since this position creates all the conditions for deep penetration, the member should first be introduced slowly in order to avoid causing her discomfort. The partner lowers the lady's legs a little down and rests them on her chest. This will allow her to control the pace and depth of the tremors. Pay attention to the approach of her orgasm. Her breathing becomes short and shallow. You may notice redness of the skin, in addition, a slightly swollen chest also indicates that it is approaching a peak of arousal.

Riding Horsewoman Pose

Обратная поза наездницы - Топ любовных позиций

Reverse Rider Position. Putting a pillow under his head, a man will get an amazing view of her ass. It can control the depth and pace of penetration. He lies on his back, legs extended. She kneels next to him, then turns and spreads his legs. Kneeling, the partner falls on the penis and the ride begins. She can lean forward or backward in order to change the angle of the penis for greater stimulation. In this position you can easily lean to stimulate yourself or to direct the penis in a way that suits you.

Cowgirl pose

Пастушка - Топ любовных позиций

Gives her control. Great for stimulating the G-spot. The position when the woman is on top gives a lot of interesting sensations and gives her a psychological advantage, because she can choose the pace and depth of penetration. Alternate shallow and deep tremors. “Small ones will stimulate the anterior third of the vagina, which is the most sensitive,” says sex therapist Rebecca Rosenbalt, author of Seduction of Your Man. Then, starting from them, she makes swaying movements. Thus, her vulva and clitoris will be in contact with the partner's pubic bone for more pleasure. It will be easier for her to finish if you stimulate her manually and orally until she is very excited. From the perspective of a woman on top, she can squat down on your face, and you can orally stimulate her.

Quick fix

Быстрая фиксация - Топ любовных позиций

Quick fix. More powerful penetration, it is good for quick sex in the kitchen, especially if a woman is in a skirt. The partner should bend in the lower back and put her hands on furniture, knees or on the floor for support. A man enters her from behind and holds her hips, pushing. Let the partner go down so that he can caress her clitoris for additional stimulation.

Doggy style

Догги-стайл - Топ любовных позиций

Doggy style. Deep penetration and erotic look. He enters it from behind and can penetrate so deep that the tip of the penis will touch the cervix, which, as a rule, becomes an ignored pleasure zone. But this must be done slowly and carefully. Some women think it hurts.


Крендель - Топ любовных позиций

Pretzel. Deep penetration like a doggy style, only face to face. He is kneeling, leaning on his left leg, while she is lying on her left side. The partner bends her right leg and grabs her waist on her right, which will give you a great opportunity to enter her vagina. For many women, back penetration is accompanied by back pain. This position will allow her to settle in comfort, enjoying deep penetration.