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Что символизируют кольца на разных пальцах

A ring is a metal object in the shape of a rim, a circle, with empty space inside the circle line. Put on the fingers as a decoration or symbol of marriage, which, as usual, is exchanged between the groom and the bride (engagement ring). The ring is smooth, with a printed pattern, with stones. Rings and signets are ring varieties.

Noble metals, jewelry or something else - we all love to decorate our hands with rings, and not only women, but also men and especially youth. What do the rings on different fingers symbolize - more on this later in the article.

Что символизируют кольца на разных пальцах

And besides the traditional meaning of the ring, for example, on the ring finger, as a symbol of marital relations, rings, rings can be seen on any other. For most people, a ring is just a beautiful accessory that can be picked up under clothes and changed like gloves. For others, it is a talisman, a talisman, or a certain symbol, sign. Psychologists agree that the rings have something to tell about their owner, and not only and not so much the ring itself matters, but the finger on which it is worn.

The tradition of wearing rings goes back to antiquity. The ring is a special decoration, to which from ancient times was attributed magical power and associated with various rituals. One of the rituals that has survived to this day is a wedding ceremony, during which those who marry in exchange for love and marital fidelity exchange wedding rings.

Thumb ring

Кольцо на большом пальце - Что символизируют кольца на разных пальцах

Thumb - Mars finger Rings and rings on the thumbs, especially men, deserve special attention. The “lord of the ring” on the finger of Mars, as a rule, turns out to be an energetic, emotional and expansive person.

These are straightforward, stubborn, warlike, sometimes hot-tempered and aggressive personalities. Trying to convince them of something or arguing with them is completely useless - they will still stand their ground, even if they subsequently have to regret it. At the same time, they are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses, therefore, putting a ring on their thumb, they seem to intuitively try to curb and pacify their hot temperament.

This is a kind of subconscious attempt to find a common language and establish relationships with others, and even with oneself. On the other hand, according to psychologists, the thumb ring is a clear sign that at the moment the main goal of a person is self-affirmation by any means and means, and self-affirmation in the sexual sphere comes to the fore.

Such statements are not unfounded, because even among the ancient Greeks and Romans the thumb was considered a phallic symbol, which was decorated with iron rings to protect male power. The thumb ring is also a symbol of lesbianism. The ringed thumb of the right hand points to a lesbian who has a companion, on the left - a free lesbian open to dating and new relationships. Like this! Therefore, girls adorning thumbs with rings, if they are far from lesbianism, should be careful - they may be misunderstood.

Index finger ring

Кольцо на указательном пальце - Что символизируют кольца на разных пальцах

The index finger - the finger of Jupiter. The ring on the index finger is called the ring of "power."

It was on the index fingers that many prominent historical figures wore rings - Julius Caesar, Cardinal Richelieu, Ivan the Terrible, Henry VIII. A finger decorated with a ring can be a sign of pride, a desire for power, as well as a strong and strong-willed character, and the ring on the right hand indicates the judiciousness and positive orientation of these traits, and on the left - the delusions of grandeur, arrogance, pride and a penchant for hysteria.

Astrologers and palmists advise shy and indecisive people to wear a ring on their index finger. This will fill them with the power of Jupiter, make them more confident, help them to believe in themselves and increase their self-esteem, give them decisiveness, insight, and also bring luck and success to life. Especially favorable energy effect will have rings of gold and tin.

Ring on the middle finger

Кольцо на среднем пальце - Что символизируют кольца на разных пальцах

Middle finger - the finger of Saturn The middle finger is decorated with rings people who are prone to narcissism, confident in their irresistibility and superiority.

The more massive the ring and stone, the more clearly manifested in man are these qualities. It’s also customary to wear family jewelry on Saturn’s finger, emphasizing the connection with the ancestors, faith in karma, the influence of fate, and the highest destination. The patrimonial ring on the middle finger will help smooth out the negative influence of rock, cope with difficulties and gain support from the clan, and give strength to survive.

Overcome obstacles and endless "black stripes" will help the ring on the finger of Saturn and chronic losers. Also, wearing a ring on the middle finger is recommended to people involved in spiritual practices. If both fingers of Saturn are ringed, this may indicate a high degree of fatalism and some detachment from reality.

Ring on the ring finger

Кольцо на безымянном пальце - Что символизируют кольца на разных пальцах

Ring finger - the finger of the Sun The ring on the ring finger of the right hand (for Catholics - the left), first of all, indicates a marital status.

This tradition appeared even among the ancient Egyptians, in accordance with the beliefs of which, the "artery of love", leading directly to the heart, began precisely from the ring finger. In those old days, engagement rings were made not only of metals, but also of glass and ceramics. In ancient Rome, wives began to give spouses iron and bronze rings as a sign of the inviolability of marriage bonds. Gold wedding rings, the tradition of which has survived to this day, appeared only in the III-IV centuries. From an esoteric point of view, gold, like the metal of the Sun, is best suited to foster love in marriage.

A ring on the ring finger (with the exception of the engagement ring) emphasizes the love of its owner for art, sophistication and luxury. As a rule, it is in the hands of aesthetes, actors, artists and, in general, people of creative professions. The ring on the finger of the Sun gives out a voluptuous nature, striving for pleasures, sensual pleasure and a pleasant pastime. It can also speak of a romantic and dreamy nature.

A small ring indicates a harmonious, calm, self-confident person, and a large one indicates a person’s susceptibility to passions, imbalance, a tendency to violent and even hysterical behavior. Decorating the ring finger with rings and rings is recommended to everyone who seeks fame and fortune, because the Sun gives a person creative energy, helps self-expression, promotes promotion and success.

Little finger ring

Кольцо на мизинце - Что символизируют кольца на разных пальцах

The little finger - the finger of Mercury Mercury is the patron of diplomats, businessmen, speakers, doctors and politicians , so the ring or ring on the little finger will benefit everyone who needs sleight of hand, flexibility of mind and eloquence.

It is believed that the decoration on the finger of Mercury helps its owners find a common language with any person and establish business contacts.

According to psychologists, the ring on the little finger often turns out to be dodgy natures, prone to intrigue, adventure and betrayal. The ring on the little finger of a woman emphasizes narcissism, coquetry and the variability of nature. The ringed little finger also indicates a willingness to flirt and a penchant for gambling, and in this case it is designed to calm down and even suppress these personality tendencies.

Toe ring

Кольцо на пальце ноги - Что символизируют кольца на разных пальцах

Rings on the toes From the point of view of most psychologists, ringed toes indicate the desire to stand out, to draw attention to yourself. In some cases, this may indicate self-esteem, excessive self-esteem and the desire for superiority over others.

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