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III and IV degrees

Blisters with blood contents form, necrosis of the skin and subcutaneous fat occurs.
As a rule, such frostbite is accompanied by a general disease, a deep circulatory disorder, the affected part of the body swells sharply, becomes dark, gangrene can develop. Therefore, if the usual color of the skin does not appear, it is necessary, applying a bandage and warming the victim, send him to a medical institution (see section Surgical diseases, frostbite).
If you are forced to stay in the cold for a long time, you need to take hot food at least 2 times a day, warm clothes that do not constrain movements, fit well on your feet, waterproof, greased shoes. Insoles should be used, to combat sweating feet.
Going out in the cold, you can lubricate your face, ears, lips with fat. It is a misconception that alcoholic beverages warm the body. Since alcohol dilates blood vessels, on the contrary there is an increased return of heat by the body to the street. The best method of preventing frostbite in a gradual addiction to the cold - hardening the body.