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Abortion is complete

- observed more often in the early stages of pregnancy. The uterus is free from the remains of the ovum, contracts, the cervical canal closes and the bleeding stops.
Depending on the stage. With a threatening and beginning abortion, bed rest in a hospital is indicated. Psychotherapy that eliminates negative emotions and positively affects the development of pregnancy. Medication methods include sedative therapy (bromine preparations), sleeping pills at bedtime, vitamins (Whig E, ascorbic acid), hormonal drugs (progesterone, combined estrogen-progestogen drugs). During abortion and incomplete surgical removal of the fetal egg or its parts is indicated. With late abortion, not accompanied by significant bleeding, they wait for spontaneous birth of the fetal egg, curettage of the uterus is indicated in case of delay in the cavity of the parts of the placenta. With a threatening or beginning abortion due to isthmic-cervicalpal insufficiency, surgical intervention is indicated: suturing the cervix.