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Without children of their own accord

Fifty, even 20 years ago, a woman who deliberately decided not to have children would be looked at as strange at best, at worst she would be an outcast. According to one of the researchers, she "broke the taboo." Indeed, more recently, the pressure of society has forced many of those women who doubted their ability to experience maternal feelings, unwittingly become unwilling mothers.
Now this pressure though has not disappeared completely, but gradually weakens. Increasingly, motherhood is viewed as a matter of choice, and not as a destination, and the few women who choose childlessness, according to one of the calculations, 3 to 6 percent of married women do not encounter the former hostility and in many cases can even count to support. Instead of the word with a negative shade “childless” (childless), the term “child-free” (child-free) is increasingly being used. This definition more accurately describes the attitude of women towards the lifestyle they have chosen.
The former prejudices that women who did not want to have children disappear are also selfish, immature, they have a bad character, that they are unfortunate beings, that they are, at best, indifferent to children.