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Peak disease

- Limited pre-cerebral atrophy of the brain, mainly in the frontal and temporal lobes. The disease begins at 50-55 years, lasts 5-10 years, leading to total dementia. Perhaps an earlier and later start. Women get sick more often than men. The disease begins with personality changes. There is lethargy, apathy, initiative disappears, the vivacity of emotional reactions disappears. The productivity of thinking decreases, the ability to abstraction, generalization and comprehension is impaired, criticism for one’s state, behavior and lifestyle disappears. Some patients have euphoria with disinhibition of drives and the loss of moral and moral attitudes. Speech becomes poor, with a progressive decrease in vocabulary, stereotypical repetitions of the same words, phrases. Gross violations of the letter occur: the handwriting, literacy, and semantic expression change. The patient gradually ceases to recognize objects, understand their purpose (cannot, for example, name a pen, knife and why they are needed), and therefore cannot use them. A deep decline in intelligence leads to increased suggestibility and stereotypical imitation of others (their facial expressions, gestures, repetition of words behind them). If the patient is not disturbed, then he is mostly silent, or repeats the same movements or phrases.
With the development of the disease, memory impairments also become more noticeable, especially the memorization of new information, leading to a violation of orientation in space. In the final stage, there is a total breakdown of thinking, recognition, speech, writing, skills. There comes complete mental and physical helplessness (insanity). The forecast is unfavorable. Death occurs from various causes, usually as a result of infection.