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A clear rhythm can reduce mood swings.

Your life should not go downhill just because during menopause, the level of hormones produced in the body drops.
Surround yourself with women of your age.
Psychology professor Linda Gannon says that any activity from church meetings to fundraising events that allows you to communicate with other women of your age helps to cope with the symptoms of menopause. “When people are divided, it begins to seem to them that only they have problems of this kind,” says Dr. Gannon. They are relieved to learn that other women feel the same. ”
Professor Kathleen MacPherson, Ph.D., agrees. She conducted classes in a self-help group for women who had menopause or who approached her, “Only in such a group can one get to know different opinions about menopause and learn a lot,” she emphasizes. We even had a few young women who wanted to know and understand what their mothers were experiencing. ”
Adjust a clear rhythm of life. “The study showed that body biorhythm abnormalities adversely affect psychology,” says Dr. Gannon. During menopause, the menstrual cycle is disturbed, which is one of the body's natural rhythms, therefore, it can be expected that debugging of other rhythms will be helpful. That is, eat at a certain time, exercise at a certain time, go to bed and get up at the same time.
Discover the pleasure of physical activities. Practice shows that regular exercise with sufficient exercise can improve mood when it swings towards depression.
Why did menopause cause so much attention? “Women who enter menopause nowadays do not consider that their purpose is only to give birth and raise children, explains Dr. Gannon. Therefore, the ability to have children does not play such a large role in their lives as in the lives of their mothers, who often had limited opportunities for self-expression.