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Matter of choice

And yet, many women choose the fate of a disabled mother and achieve success. For homemakers of the 90s, as the parent magazine for Parenting notes, it’s of particular importance that many of them worked before and returned home of their own free will.
A survey of 1,000 American mothers showed that women opt for home and parenting because they want to be happy. At the same time, women who remained at home because they did not see another opportunity for themselves, or because they were following in the footsteps of their mothers, felt unhappy. Studies that have found a connection between being at home as a housewife and poor health show that feeling dissatisfied with your role can be a determining factor.
“Nowadays, mothers who remain at home have proven to themselves that they can afford to succeed in their profession, so they can now quit their jobs,” said Susan Pope, Ph.D., head of the Family and Marriage Institute in Boulder, Colorado. But what if a woman is not sure about this? She will always be in doubt, maybe she doesn’t want this, and maybe she can’t. ”
You should take the decision to become a non-working mother as if you would choose any other career. It helps to make sure that your decision will be of great benefit to you and your family. No matter what others think, you know that you are doing a very important thing. In the end, you stay at home not to make the floors sparkle, but to look after your children and bring them up.
“My classes bring me great satisfaction,” says Nancy Gaiter. I help my children find the right paths in life, advise how to learn to distinguish good from bad. I help them choose a future profession, heal their mental and physical wounds. I found what I want most in life. If I achieve what I want, I will fulfill the most important goal of my life. But I will lie if I say that I never want to return to work. There is something very attractive in getting money for your work. ”