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There is no other thing in the world so fraught with emotional explosions as money. They cause the most controversy, strong insults are associated with them, they cause envy, and they are in the first place in family problems.
Think about this. What does money mean to you? Independence? Ability to control events? Sense of confidence? Power? Security? Happiness?
Psychologists say that these are the most common motives for actions of individuals seeking to get more money. What constitutes our attitude to money, our fear of losing it? “To a greater extent, it is based on experience gained in childhood,” says Victoria Felton-Collins, Ph.D., a psychologist and graduate in financial planning.
Remember how your parents treated money. What role did your mother play in making financial decisions? Were you rich, poor, or belonged to the middle class? All of this should have had a definite impact on your current attitude towards money.
“But there is one more thing that matters: your gender, notes Dr. Felton-Collins. The fact that you are a woman, in all likelihood, will make your attitude towards money not the same as your brothers, and possibly not the same as your husband. This difference in money views can in itself become a source of conflict. ”

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