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Depressive neurosis (neurotic depression)

- A psychogenic depressive state in which a decreased mood is combined with functional somatic disorders (vegetative-vascular dystonia). Neurotic depression often occurs in individuals with traits of straightforwardness, stuck, uncompromising, with a keen sense of duty and justice. Mental trauma is usually aggravated or even created by the patient himself due to character traits. Depressed mood is accompanied by tearfulness. In the morning, patients wake up with difficulty, in a state of lethargy and weakness. However, they lack both a retrospective analysis of the past with ideas of self-accusation, and thoughts of hopelessness and futility of the future, entailing thoughts of suicide. On the contrary, patients are rather optimistic about the future. Unlike other variants of depression, depressed mood does not entail a complete decrease in activity and initiative, even “flight to work” is noted.