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Childhood diseases

Diseases of children are isolated in a special department, since many of them are very different in their behavior than in adults, which is due to many causes, including anatomical and physiological. The child is born with incompletely prepared for normal functioning systems, their formation occurs during the entire period of childhood and adolescence. The effects of favorable and unfavorable factors can, respectively, improve, accelerate or, conversely, distort, slow the development of an organ. Many human diseases, when they become adults, originate in childhood, when they could still be cured or prevented.
We will acquaint you with the features of anatomy and physiology inherent in each age period, the symptoms of the most common ailments of the child, modern methods of their treatment. At the same time, in each specific case it is necessary to turn to the pediatrician; For a child of each age, weight, and sometimes the sex, you need to individually select the dose of the medication that would have the desired effect and when receiving it, a minimal amount of side effects would be observed. Each recommendation of the attending physician should be accurately fulfilled.