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Diet N3

Indications: for constipation.
Cooking technology: the food is cooked mostly un chopped, boiled in water or steamed, baked. Vegetables and fruits are consumed both raw and boiled. Food should mainly consist of vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, baked goods, cereals, sour-milk drinks.
Bread - wheat from wholemeal flour: "doctor", "health", crispbread (soaked), rye. Dry biscuits, edible pastries.
Soups - mainly from vegetables and meat broth, cold fruit and vegetable soups, borscht, beetroot soup, cabbage soup from fresh cabbage.
Meat and poultry - low-fat varieties of various types of meat, chicken, turkey boiled or baked, in a piece or chopped. Sausages are dairy.
Fish - non-greasy species, boiled or baked; seafood dishes.
Dishes and side dishes made of vegetables - various types of vegetables and herbs, sauerkraut, beets are especially recommended.
Dishes and side dishes from flour, cereals, legumes, crumbly and semi-viscous cereals, puddings, casseroles. Boiled and casseroles pasta, buckwheat dishes are especially recommended. From legumes: green peas, bean curd.
Eggs - no more than one egg per day, better only in dishes.
Fruits, berries, sweet foods and sugary foods - melon, plum, figs, apricots, prunes, sugar, preserves, especially mountain ash, honey, stewed fruit (especially rhubarb), mousses, fruit sweets are especially recommended.
Milk, dairy products and dishes thereof - milk (if tolerated)
- sweet), sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, one- and two-day kefir, acidophilus milk, cheeses.
Sauces and spices - milk, sour cream on a vegetable broth, fruit and berry gravy.
Fats - butter, vegetable oils in dishes.
Snacks - salads from raw vegetables, vinaigrettes with vegetable oil, vegetable caviar, fruit salads, mild cheese, low-fat ham, soaked herring, meat and fish aspic.
Drinks - tea, coffee from substitutes, broth from rose hips and wheat bran, fruit and vegetable juices (from plums, apricots, carrots, tomatoes).
Top-grade flour bread, puff and pastry, fatty meats and fish, duck, goose, smoked meat and fish, canned fish and meat, hard-boiled and fried eggs (limit rice and semolina), radish, radish, garlic, onions, turnips, mushrooms, jelly, blueberries, quinces, cornel, chocolate, cream products, hot and fat sauces, horseradish, mustard, pepper, cocoa, black coffee, strong tea, animals and cooking fats, alcoholic drinks.