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Diet N 7

Indications: acute nephritis during the recovery period (from 3-4 weeks of treatment), chronic nephritis without exacerbation and without renal failure.
Cooking technology: boil meat and fish, moderate chemical sparing, normal food temperature. 100-150 g of fish or meat, a piece or chopped, is consumed per day.
Bread and flour products: salt-free bread, pancakes and pancakes without salt on yeast.
Soups - vegetarian with the addition of vegetables, potatoes, cereals; fruity, milk limited, seasoned with butter, sour cream, dill, parsley, citric acid, onions after boiling.
Meat and poultry - low-fat beef, veal, meat and cut pork, lamb, rabbit, chicken, turkey, after boiling, you can bake or lightly fry, tongue.
The fish is low-fat, after boiling, you can bake, fry, you can aspic.
Dairy products - milk, cream, sour-milk drinks, cottage cheese and curd dishes, sour cream.
Eggs - up to 2 pcs. soft-boiled or scrambled eggs per day, can be added to dishes.
Cereals - various cereals and pasta in any preparation.
Vegetables - potatoes and vegetables in any preparation.
Snacks - vinaigrettes without pickles, salads from fresh vegetables and fruits.
Fruits, vegetables, sweet dishes - various fruits and berries in raw and boiled form, compotes, jelly, fats, jellies, honey, jam, sweets.
Drinks - tea, weak coffee, fruit and vegetable juices, rosehip broth.
Fats - unsalted creamy butter, ghee and refined vegetable oils.
Excluded: ordinary baked bread, meat, fish, mushroom and bean broths, fatty meats and fish, sausages, canned fish and meat, smoked meats, sausages, caviar, cheeses, legumes, onions, garlic, radish, radishes, sorrel, spinach, salted, pickled and pickled vegetables, mushrooms, chocolate, pepper, mustard, horseradish, strong coffee, cocoa, mineral waters, rich in sodium, alcoholic drinks.
In severe forms of acute nephritis or in the first days with moderate severity, dietary nutrition is corrected: salt is completely excluded, the amount of fluid per day should not exceed the amount of urine withdrawn for the previous day or not more than 300 ml, take food at least 6 times a day, the amount of boiled meat or fish is not more than 50-60 g per day, they can be replaced with 60 g of cottage cheese or milk, cream.
With severe renal failure, purification of the patient’s blood using an “artificial kidney” (hemodialysis), food is prepared without salt, in the absence of edema and hypertension, the patient can be given 2-3 g of salt per day, consume no more than 0.8-1 l of free liquid day, salt-free bread
- up to 150-200 g per day, meat or fish - up to 100 g per day, up to 140 g of milk, 140 g of sour cream, 25 g of cottage cheese can be consumed per day. Take food 6 times a day.
During the recovery period with acute nephritis and chronic nephritis without exacerbation per day, the patient can use 36 g of salt with complete salt-free cooking.