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Traditionally, housework has always been a woman's duty, which has no value as long as you do not have to pay someone else for it.
While women, having invaded the labor sphere, became able to achieve “male” influence and independence, earning money, men don’t pay anything for cleaning the toilet or changing diapers. A man can cook like most male chefs, this should be considered as “responsible” work, but he will not do the cleaning, for which in most places they pay the least. Prestigious only money and power began to understand working women. This may explain the reluctance of men to take over household duties, perhaps the least prestigious job out of all existing ones.
Or it could be much simpler, suggests Diana Martinez, MD, psychiatrist at the University of Texas San Antonio Healthcare Research Center. “Men, she says, are simply not involved in household chores. In all likelihood, if they helped with housework in their childhood, they were offered stereotypical roles for men, they could take out the garbage, but not wipe the dust. They never realize that the dirtiest place in the house is top or bottom of the refrigerator, if they do not say that. Women are not born more cleanly than men; nevertheless, there is rarely a room in the dormitory of a male college that would deserve the title exemplary ”.

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