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Double duties and loss of interest in sex

In his second shift, which marks the big changes, Professor Arly Hosshild argues (not surprising) that a married working woman also does much of the homework. Thus, these women work at home during the second shift. Studies, however, show that more and more men are involved in household chores, but usually they do what is appreciative work that children are bathed or entertained.
Hosshild writes that both men and women tend to consider the problem of double load as a purely female problem, although it affects men as well. Women working out two shifts get tired, and fatigue makes them indifferent to her husband lying next to him in bed. Lack of interest in sex can equally be caused by a hidden feeling of resentment, and in a house in which a woman works unceasingly, tensions are created between the spouses.
According to research results, the inadequate participation of the husband in housework and child care leads to divorce or, at least, to the emergence of thoughts about divorce. One group of researchers was even able to quantify the effect that a husband helps around the house on the satisfaction with marriage experienced by a woman. They found that each type of household duties performed by at least 50 percent reduces by about 3 percent the woman’s desire for divorce.