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Another possibility: foster children

For couples whose desire to have a child outweighs the desire to have a biological son or daughter, a foster child may be a solution. “But remember, warns Susan Miksell, Ph.D., a psychologist from Washington, the adopted child cures childlessness. He does not cure infertility. ”
And this is not always easy to implement. Due to the widespread use of contraceptives and the changed attitude of society towards single mothers, it is difficult to find a child for adoption. Some agencies involved in the transfer of children for adoption, have age restrictions, others have such long lists of people who expect that they do not accept new applications. Private adoption costs a lot of money and in some cases is associated with difficult experiences.
Maritza Sanjakomo and her husband Louis are over forty; they tried 14 times to get hold of a child using artificial insemination, they traveled for months in search of a child who could be adopted. “We long and painfully went to the realization that adoption is the only way for us to have a family,” recalls Maritsa. I always knew that I would regret it later, if I did not decide to take the child. ”
The couple first tried to find the child themselves and lost months to negotiate with an unmarried minor woman from another state, paid more than $ 6,000 for medical and other expenses. When the girl's family informed them that the child was born, the couple immediately flew to this city. There in the hospital, they learned that the young mother changed her mind.
“I was furious, devastated and numbed at the same time, Maritsa recalls. On the way to the airport, I had so much ceased to be guided in what was happening, that I left for a prohibition sign right under the nose of the policeman. When he stopped us and went to the car, I burst into tears and I burst out: "Sorry, my child died." And I sobbed even more when I realized that this was what I felt. ”
After some time, one of the friends told them about the new agency that arranged for the adoption of children from Central and South America, and it cost 12,500 dollars. They contacted this agency and after eleven months became parents of 5-week-old Martha from Colombia.
“Since she entered our life, I felt like wings grew,” admits Maritsa. But, although I am now a mom, I still remember that I am still barren. This pain does not pass. She is with me, but she has become much, much weaker. ”