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If your husband leaves you

If everything is the other way around and your husband divorces you, it will be even more painful for you.
“When your husband tells you that he wants a divorce, you feel a feeling of rejection so never felt so strongly, says Dr. Ahronz. No matter how much he tries to soften the blow, the fact remains that he does not want you anymore. This usually causes a loss of self-confidence, especially for those who have found themselves in marriage.
Women usually go through a period when they lose their sense of self and must re-find themselves. Such an injury can give impetus to the development of personal qualities. I once heard a woman proudly announce: “This week I sorted out my check book” and “Last week I fixed everything properly in the toilet.” They learn to overcome new and new difficulties. A man, on the other hand, can say: "This week I learned how to cook meat well." Everyone has to learn what the other spouse did while living together.
Gradually, the pain goes away, says Dr. Ahronz, although it may take from two to five years. At some point, you discover that your life continues. ”
When you begin to get used to life without a husband, you suddenly face difficulties not only of an emotional order. This is the time when the material side of life appears in all its ugliness.