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"I" is important too

One of the main reasons why you need help with household chores is that you need time to take care of yourself. “When you set priorities, do not forget that you are one of the“ main ”people in your life, says Shayevich. Do not think of yourself as an egoist, she warns. You have forgotten yourself for too long. ” Many women pay so little attention to their own needs, that they consider themselves entitled to expect to rest or take care of themselves only when they become ill. “But why should you wait until you are sick? asks Shayevich. Allow yourself to take care of yourself. It is in your interest and in the interest of your family. ”
Take time for yourself. Plan a type of activity that is pleasant for you twice a week, for example, take a bubble bath or go somewhere to have lunch with a friend. Do not forget to leave free time in your daily routine when you are not busy with anything.
“You can reduce your workload by lowering your requests somewhat. Do not try to do everything perfectly, says Dr. Loubel. The pursuit of excellence is the other side of failure. ”
“Women who have been taught to“ notice the needs of others and satisfy them, ”may feel that they deserve the approval they crave if they do everything flawlessly,” says Shayevich. But in fact, should not seek approval. If you do not satisfy your own needs, she thinks, you become dependent on others, you need positive feedback. You must be responsible for your own life. ”