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Desire to look healthy and young

“What people see when they look at themselves in the mirror has a big impact on their self-confidence,” notes Dr. Klein. Imagine how you would feel if you were given a dress of the wrong size or style and offered to wear it all your life. ”
These are the feelings Melita Koch experienced because of her big belly. “I have been physically active throughout my life,” says a 56-year-old registered nurse. But after four pregnancies, the stomach that appeared prevented me from practicing the kinds of sports that I liked most, volleyball, bicycle, and jogging. When I pressed the pedals of my racing bike, my knees rested on my stomach. And I always looked as if I was four months pregnant, although my weight did not exceed the norm. ”
When Melita received an inheritance a few years ago, she decided it was time to work on her stomach. “I decided to get rid of the abdomen not to look more attractive or to earn approval from the outside, including my own husband,” she insists. I did it to feel better. ”
“People like Melita want to look young, full of energy and attractive as they feel, adds Victoria Vitali-Louis, MD, a member of an association of doctors specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Melbourne, Florida. Or they feel that some part of their body spoils them, brings disharmony into the image that they have made about themselves. So it was with Michelle Fitzgerald, the 24-year-old secretary. “I think that I made the final decision to correct the shape of the nose after watching a video shot at our wedding,” she said. All I could see was my nose, pierced with a veil. I would not have anything against a long nose, but he was still with a little bump that disfigured my profile. I just wanted to remove this bulge and that's it. I didn’t want to change my face much, I just wanted to improve the shape of my nose. ”
“Getting rid of the lack of suffering causes people to start living, leaving behind the painful impressions of past years,” says Dr. Vitali-Louis. Barbara Aston recalls that in childhood she had the nickname Monkey Ears. “I was very upset because it was true, recalls the 28-year-old journalist. Since childhood, I wore long hair so that you can cover their ears. I never took hair in a ponytail, no matter how hot the weather was. Changing the shape of the ears meant for me the opportunity to forget about them. Now I have ordinary ears, unremarkable, no different from others. Nobody pays attention to them, even I myself. ”