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Herpes simplex (vesicular lichen)

It is caused by a virus and occurs in people of both sexes and all age groups.
Silttolsch and current. The disease begins acutely and is accompanied by itching, tingling, sometimes pain. At the same time (or after 1-2 days), a red, slightly edematous spot forms on which groups of vesicles the size of a pinhead or small pea appear, filled with transparent serous contents. After 3-4 days, the vesicles dry out with the formation of serous-purulent crusts or slightly moist erosions. Sometimes there is a painful swelling of the lymph nodes. Some patients have malaise, muscle pain, chills, fever up to 38-39 ± С. Gradually, the crusts disappear, erosion is epithelized and the disease lasts 1-2 weeks.
Favorite herpes simplex locations are areas around natural openings: nose wings, corners of the mouth and red border of the lips. When localized on the genitals, herpes can resemble a hard chancre, which makes it necessary to conduct differential diagnosis with syphilis.
Recurrent herpes is characterized by repeated (over many months) rashes of vesicles, often in the same areas of the skin. In women, this may be due to the menstrual period.
External alcohol solutions of aniline dyes, ointments containing antiviral substances - 3% oxolinic, 3-5% tebrofenovoy, 30-50% interferon, "Gossypol", "Florenal", A good effect is observed from leukocyte interferon, a solution of which is applied to the lesion 5-6 times a day with a glass (eye) stick.
In some cases, it is possible to interrupt the further development of rashes by applying cotton swabs with alcohol for several minutes, freezing the skin with ethyl chloride. In case of damage to the oral mucosa - rinsing with chamomile broth, sage, solutions containing ethacridine lactate, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, etc. Genital herpes simplex (after exclusion of primary syphiloma) is treated with lubrication with 2% silver nitrate solution, 5% tannin solution.
For recurrent herpes, the following are indicated: hermetic multivalent vaccine, which is administered 0.1-0.2 ml intradermally into the outer surface of the shoulder 2 times a week (for a course of 5-10 injections); immunomodulators - decaris; gamma globulin; pyrogenic drugs, etc.
It consists in eliminating the factors contributing to the development of the disease: foci of chronic infection, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine glands, etc. It is recommended to avoid cooling, overheating, trauma to the skin.