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Full or partial stretching of the pelvis and calyces with urine due to an obstacle to its emptying. The reasons may be different; kidney stones, ureters, swelling, ureteral inflection, etc. With urinary retention, the pelvis is stretched, the renal tissue atrophies and a cavity filled with urine forms instead of the kidney. Hydronephrosis can be congenital and acquired, the latter - permanent and intermittent.
Symptoms and course:
There are severe pains in the lumbar region against the background of "full health", less often - dull pains, sometimes vomiting, weakness. In the lumbar region, painful swelling or muscle tension. These phenomena last from several hours to a day, and then disappear, accompanied by increased diuresis - the release of a large amount of urine. With the addition of infection, the temperature rises, the general condition aggravated by pyonephrosis or cystitis worsens.
It consists in eliminating the causes of hydronephrosis. With a significant change in the kidney, they resort to its removal. In this case, it is necessary to make sure that the other kidney is in good condition.