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Hypofibrinogenetic hemorrhage

may accompany hypotonia of the uterus or occur independently, the uterus is relaxed or, conversely, reduced, the blood is liquid, without clots. For the diagnosis, it is urgent to take a sample of blood from a vein, which coagulates in a healthy woman in 2-3 minutes.
First of all, they are convinced of the integrity of the placenta and, in case of its defect, manual examination of the uterus is carried out. Then a complex of therapeutic measures is prescribed: emptying the bladder with a catheter, administering intravenously a means of reducing the uterus, its external massage, ice on the lower abdomen. Resorted to methods aimed at reducing blood flow to the uterus (finger pressing of the aorta, the imposition of clamps on parametrii, etc.). If the bleeding continues - supravaginal amputation or hysterectomy (complete removal).