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Chapter 3: Pregnancy

Few moments in a woman’s life (if any) can be compared in intensity of emotions with the time when she carries a child. “Emotional instability” is what they usually call this condition characteristic of pregnancy in journal articles and books, in the literature that a woman receives when she first visits a doctor for an examination about pregnancy.
Pregnancy, in the language of psychologists, is a time of “crisis”, this word is not entirely successful, because it is associated with the disease, but more suggests some kind of shift. Indeed, pregnancy is a turning point in the life of a woman, some, perhaps the only, ritual of her entry into society, which does not provide for other equally significant rituals for women.
The appearance of a child marks the beginning of a new life for everyone around. A woman who previously thought of herself as a daughter, wife, girlfriend, employee, boss, should recognize herself in a new role in the role of mother. And those around them cease to be who they were. The husband turns into a father, parents into grandparents, brothers and sisters in uncles and aunts.
The woman’s body is changing, it is growing, it is becoming heavier, becoming beautiful and awkward, it starts to glow from the inside. These changes worsen or improve a woman’s self-awareness, worsen or improve her sex life, and almost certainly provide her with a seat in a crowded bus. As a woman more and more plunges into awareness of her new role, her previous ambitions and aspirations, her career and even friendships are forced out of consciousness. Sad films make her cry. Not a very good joke can make you laugh for a long time.
Inside, there is a struggle between the nascent maternal feelings and the need to rebuild the whole life with a focus on the child. She is disturbed by the complex feelings caused by the pregnancy, which at first was only an irregular menstruation, then it can feel like a malaise, and ends with severe pain. Ultimately, there is an all-consuming love for the child, which she cannot see, but which grows and moves under her heart.
At times, joyful expectations and fears collide like atoms in a reactor. She felt these nine months of waiting with every vein of her body, with every nerve. “This is an act of courage,” writes Riva Rubin, one of the leading pregnancy experts, researcher, and theorist.

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