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Purulent lymphadenitis

begins with catarrhal-hyperplastic lymphadenitis, then there is purulent infiltration of the node and the formation of a number of small foci, which, merging, lead to fusion of the lymph node. Involvement in the purulent process of its capsule and surrounding tissues leads to the development of adenophlegmon. With putrefactive phlegmon of the oral cavity, paradentitis, gangrenous tonsillitis and other lymph nodes, they can be affected by the gangrenous process with putrefactive decay (putrefactive lymphadenitis).
It is determined by the therapy of primary and secondary foci of inflammation and the general effect on the body. The treatment methods can be divided into three groups:
1. Inhibition of microflora in the primary focus and lymph nodes - the use of antibiotics, sulfonamides, nitrofurans, etc.
2. Surgical - opening and drainage of the primary purulent focus and purulent lymphadenitis.
3. An increase in the body's defenses and a decrease in intoxication. The use of antibiotics for lymphadenitis is sometimes achieved quick cure.