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Mustard plasters

Applied with muscle pain, pneumonia. Mustard plasters are moistened with warm water and applied tightly to the skin on the side where the mustard is smeared, covering the patient with a blanket, usually kept for 10-15 minutes until burning and redness appear. After removing the mustard plaster, the skin is washed with water, with strong irritation - smeared with petroleum jelly.
If there is no ready mustard plaster, you can cook it yourself: dry mustard is diluted in warm water to a mushy state, this slurry is spread on a rag, it is also covered with a cloth on top and applied to the body. So that the mustard plaster does not irritate the skin very much and can be kept longer, dry mustard can be pre-mixed with an equal amount of flour (preferably rye), it is good to add some honey. For children, mustard plaster is sometimes prepared, taking flour 2-3 times more than mustard; and when using ready-made mustard plaster, it is recommended to put it not on bare skin, but through a thin diaper, paper.