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Foreign body eye

- Small non-sharp objects (. Mote, midges, sand grains, etc.), lingering on the mucous membrane (conjunctiva) cause acute burning sensation in the eye, which is enhanced by blinking, lacrimation.
First aid. Can not rub eye since it causes more annoyance. Usually mote located under the upper or lower eyelid. The patient is asked to look up, pulling the lower eyelid down. The visible speck removed tamponchikom dense cotton, dry or soaked in a solution of boric acid. Remove the speck from beneath the upper eyelid is more difficult - you need to turn the upper eyelid outward conjunctiva. The patient was asked to direct the eye down, providing assistance, capturing two fingers of the right hand of the upper eyelid lashes, pulls it forward and down, then the index finger of his left hand, cash on top of the upper eyelid, unscrew it from the bottom up movement. After removal of the foreign body forcing the patient to look up, and remove the lid returns to its original position independently. In order to prevent the eye instilled 2-3 drops of 30% solution of sodium sulfatsil (Albucidum).
When injected into the eye of acute predmetop need to see a doctor (see. The eye injury, Ch. Eye diseases).