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Foreign bodies of the eye

- small, non-sharp objects (specks, midges, grains of sand, etc.), lingering on the mucous membrane (conjunctiva) cause an acute burning sensation in the eye, which intensifies with blinking, lacrimation.
First aid. You can not rub your eyes, as this causes even more irritation. Usually, the mote is located under the upper or lower eyelid. The patient is asked to look up, pulling the lower eyelid down. Visible mote is removed with a dense cotton swab, dry or moistened in a solution of boric acid. It is more difficult to remove a speck from under the upper eyelid - it is necessary to turn the upper eyelid out of the conjunctiva. The patient is asked to look down, providing assistance, grabbing the upper eyelid with two fingers of the right hand by the eyelashes, pulling it forward and down, then turning the left finger with the index finger on top of the upper eyelid, turning it upward. After removal of the foreign body, the patient is forced to look up, and the twisted eyelid returns independently to its original position. For the purpose of prevention, 2-3 drops of a 30% solution of sulfacyl sodium (albucide) are instilled into the eye.
At hit in an eye sharp subjects it is necessary to see a doctor, (see. Eye injuries, gl. Eye diseases).