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Changes that do not stop with the end of menopause

One group of changes that begin in menopause does not stop with its end. These are changes affecting the state of the vagina, bones and heart.
For many years, estrogen had a beneficial effect on their condition. He maintained the thickness and moisture content of the vaginal walls, he maintained the thickness and strength of the bones, improved the cardiovascular system, increasing the content of "good" cholesterol and reducing the "bad" cholesterol.
Studies show that too much “bad” cholesterol and a small amount of “good” lead to clogged arteries, heart attacks and death. Decreased bone density makes them fragile, they break easily. Too thin and dry walls of the vagina are more easily infected, sexual intercourse becomes painful.
According to doctors, estrogen replacement therapy can prevent all these problems from occurring and turn menopause into sheer pleasure.
Menopause pleasure.
Exactly. One of the most carefully kept secrets of medicine is that menopause is accompanied by an increase in the level of androgens of amazingly aggressive hormones produced by the adrenal glands, which increase sexual desire to a level that you did not know from adolescence.
So it is not surprising that, as a thoroughly conducted study has shown, 96 percent of women, initially upset at the onset of menopause, then remain completely satisfied with their new condition.
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