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Everyone does it in their own way.

Of course, everything is very difficult. Cancer is a deadly disease, the most powerful traumatic event. And how you behave depends on the nature of your character, how you deal with other life difficulties.
“People do not become different when they have cancer, Dr. Cassillet said. They are the same as before. If this is a man who easily panics, he will panic. If he is one of those who, in the face of the test, falls apart, he will also react to the diagnosis. ”
Women who learn that they have cancer are likely to experience a whole gamut of emotions, described in detail by the dying specialist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Ph.D.: refusal to accept, fear, anger, despair, depression, hope, acceptance. But every woman goes through it in her own way. “We should not expect everything to be on the book,” warns Dr. Holland.
“Everyone goes through this,” says Joan Zipollini, a registered nurse, a cancer care specialist at the Montgomery Cancer Center, part of the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania. The difference is that some go through it in 5 minutes, others every 5 minutes. ”
Judith Martindale says her first reaction was: “Why me?”
“I had no risk factors,” she says. I kept thinking how could this happen? I have always led a healthy life, I have always eaten properly and gave myself physical exertion. The idea that I could get cancer, never crossed my mind. ”
Although for some time Judith lived in fear, immersed in a sense of self-pity, gradually gained the upper hand in her personality traits. "My motto has always been:" I myself can do it. " I realized that I would not find an answer to the question: “Why me?”, But I can choose: which doctor to turn to, which treatment method to choose, where to undergo the treatment. This allowed me to feel that once again, to some extent, I myself manage my life in circumstances that, it would seem, did not leave such an opportunity. ”