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Chronic laryngitis

Arises from the frequent inflammation of the larynx, prolonged exposure to harmful factors (alcohol, smoking, dust, razdrazhayuschiehimicheskie matter), accompanied by chronic diseases (colds, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tracheobronchitis).
Symptoms and over:
Are the same as for acute laryngitis, but less pronounced. During exacerbation of patients complain of hoarseness, fatigue voice tickling sensation, scarring, constant coughing. When atrophic form a crust, causing painful cough.
Eliminating bad habits exception irritants, gentle voice mode. Vapour inhalation alkali hydrogen carbonate (baking soda), larynx lubrication solution of tannin in glycerol, glycerol iodine. According to the testimony - antibiotics. Physiotherapy: diathermy, UHF, 10-12 procedures.
Avoid cooling throat singing and loud conversations in the cold, especially after a bath.
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