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Laryngitis chronic

It occurs as a result of frequent inflammation of the larynx, prolonged exposure to harmful factors (alcohol, smoking, dust, irritating chemicals), accompanies chronic diseases (rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tracheobronchitis).
Symptoms and course:
The same as with acute laryngitis, but less pronounced. At an exacerbation patients complain of hoarseness, fatigue of a voice, sensation of a persecution, a scratching, a constant cough. Atrophic form formed crusts, causing a painful cough.
Elimination of bad habits, exclusion of irritating factors, sparing voice mode. Inhalation of alkaline vapors of sodium hydrogen carbonate (soda), lubrication of the larynx by a solution of tannin in glycerin, iodine with glycerin. According to indications - antibiotics. Physiotherapy: diathermy, UHF, 10-12 procedures.
You should avoid cooling your throat, singing and loud conversations in the cold, especially after the bath.