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Treatment of sexual disorders associated with pathology of the genital area

Sexual disorders associated with pathology of the genital area are treated by appropriate specialists - gynecologists and urologists. In the absence of organic causes of sexual dysfunction, it is necessary to consult a sex therapist. Examination and treatment is carried out by both partners. Only mutual understanding and mutual desire to correct the situation can give a positive result. Treatment methods are selected individually depending on the nature of the disorder. If sexual dysfunction is a consequence of a mental illness, then you should first treat it by contacting a psychiatrist. The treatment of perversions is a more complex problem. People with paraphilia rarely seek help and carefully hide their occupation from others, even from family members. They get treatment only after they are detained by law enforcement agencies or exposed in the family. Such a person is not able to stop his studies, because they give him the greatest pleasure. The basis of the modern treatment of sexual perversions, with the exception of mental illness (oligophrenia, schizophrenia, senile dementia), is based on various methods of psychotherapy, in particular, psychoanalysis and behavioral psychotherapy. Their goal is the opening of sexual complexes and the development of normal sexual desire and behavior. Medicines are used - antiandrogens, which reduce the content of testosterone (male sex hormone) for a certain time, in order to weaken the sexual desire for unwanted objects. Therapy of sexual perversion is ineffective.