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Body treatment

“Women want to be treated (and deserve it) by a competent doctor,” says Karen Johnson, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. This is an important task, given that the bulk of medical knowledge has been accumulated in the study of the body of an adult man. This is a fundamental disadvantage of medical education, affecting the treatment of women. "
Women need doctors who are knowledgeable in the complex hormonal regulation of a woman’s body activity and other issues of treatment and preservation of a woman’s health. Many of the “usual” disorders in women require special attention in the diagnosis and treatment due to possible hormonal interactions.
“It’s very good that women come to medicine at all levels,” says Dr. Johnson. Now to the fact that there are significant gaps in the training of physicians, much attention has been attracted, and these gaps are supposed to be filled with research. After testing, doctors can use the results of the studies in their clinical practice, and this will affect the improvement of medical care for women. But it can take years. ”