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Medicinal warming compress

A medicinal warming compress is also used, the effect of which is enhanced by the addition of various substances to the water (soda, alcohol, etc.). Usually impose a semi-alcohol (alcohol diluted in half with water) or a vodka compress. You can use alcohol and liquid paraffin (or any vegetable) oil in a 1: 1 ratio. Often, doctors recommend ready-made medications for compresses, such as menovazin. For rheumatic lesions of the joints, medical bile or dimexide is very effective. But medicinal substances can cause irritation, so before you put a compress, the skin should be lubricated with baby cream or liquid paraffin.
In folk medicine, use compresses with burdock, plantain leaves, cabbage, buttercup.
The rules for applying a warming compress to children are the same, but the absolute contraindication for this procedure is an increase in the temperature of the child’s body. Typically, local compresses put in children's practice with inflammation of the middle ear - otitis, or on the limbs - with injury. Often used vodka or alcohol-vaseline option. Children under 1 year of age in the ear compresses set with caution. They can not keep more than 1.5 hours. With respiratory diseases with laryngitis (hoarseness), with bronchitis, a older child can put a compress on the chest. This compress is used with heated interior lard, turpentine ointment, warm vegetable oil. He is left overnight.
With angina, children often have a vodka compress on the neck. At the same time, a cloth dipped in vodka should be applied on the back-side surface of the neck, leaving its front part free - the area of ​​the thyroid gland. Otherwise, the rules for applying a compress are the same. After the heat procedure, you cannot let the child go for a walk or play outdoor games with him.