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An adult woman has many emotions when it comes to her mother. Relations with the mother can be harmonious, but can be complex. Loving or hostile.
“The most interesting thing is that they are almost never neutral,” says Karen Johnson, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. Below we will talk about these conflicting, different, but very real estimates.
“My mom is probably my best friend,” says Dina Farber, a 27-year-old female reporter. She accepts me for who I am, even if I do wrong, make mistakes. I go to her for advice and help, I just like to talk to her.
Of course, sometimes we have disagreements, but they do not affect the basis of our relationship. ”
Sharon Cook has a completely different experience. “My mother drives me crazy, and it has always been like this, the 41-year-old lawyer admits in complete frustration. Whatever I do, she is always unhappy. When I buy her a gift, she accuses me that I give her things that I like myself in order to subsequently inherit them. Once on the day of her birth, I took her to a fashionable French restaurant, one of those that she adores, but which does not happen, because my father does not like them. When I paid the bill, she said that this should not be considered a gift, because I also enjoyed it. She also added that I invited her to a restaurant because I did not find the time to buy her a gift. Sometimes it’s so hard with her that I want to hit her or scream. ”
But Sharon has acquired the habit of treating this state of affairs with humor. “My mother's suspicion taught me something. Now, when I buy her presents, I really buy what I like. There is a chance she will leave it to me. ”
Relations between daughters and mothers are sometimes hostile. “But they give them so much attention that it can be an obsession,” says Dr. Johnson.

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