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Moms need to look at things more widely

If you are a mother of a teenage girl, such statistics can puzzle you even if you are not surprised. How will you behave that you can tell your daughter about a topic that your mother might not have been concerned with at all, when it was important for you, or did it unsuccessfully?
“Most people today understand that the prohibition of sex before marriage sounds almost like a nostalgic dream,” says Dr. Rubin. “But it’s quite natural that mothers, even those who survived the times of the sexual revolution and didn’t shy away, feel some discomfort at the thought of their daughter’s increasing sexuality, notes Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D., psychologist and sexologist from San Francisco and author of the book“ For yourself: the realization of female sexuality. ” Mostly this is due to the fact that everything happens faster, at an earlier age, ”she explains.
“A mother who tells her daughter that she should never have sex before marriage creates a barrier between herself and her daughter that precludes the possibility of a relationship of trust, warns Dr. Barbach. It is better to become a mother for the daughter, “which you can ask about anything.”
“Then you will be able to help your daughter navigate the life path, the daughter will know that the decisions she makes are completely her decisions,” says Dr. Barbach. She should also know that when the relationship turns into sexual, she will become more vulnerable and may have to suffer. ”
Laura Pinto had a mother with whom to share everything. She recalls how they had a heart-to-heart talk about sex before the incident with the “amazing frame”.
“My mother and I always had such a wonderful, open relationship that my friends envied me,” says Laura. I, without thinking, always turned to her for advice. She told me that she should not give me "permission" for sex, although that is exactly what I wanted. But she added that she believes: when I decide on him, it will be the right decision. She advised that you should not be afraid to refuse if in your heart you do not want it. She also said that she hoped that I would wait with this, but if I decided that my time had come, I would take it with understanding and take the pill. But I have to make the decision myself. ”