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Silent suffering

Women, to a greater extent than men, have the ability to "turn the other cheek" when faced with adultery. This is confirmed by the fact that the Don Juan still remain husbands.
“Sometimes a woman decides not to pay attention to cheating, especially if her husband is otherwise happy with her,” says Dr. Glase. This is common enough. A woman may not want to destroy a marriage because of children. And let's not forget that usually a divorce has a difficult effect on her financial situation, while a man’s financial situation worsens less often due to a divorce.
Often, she continues, women prefer to share husbands, but not lose them. They do not want to lose the status of the wife of a rich or famous person. Often women fear loneliness. ”
Unfortunately for wives, sometimes men, for the same reasons, do not dissolve the marriage. Therefore, when the children grow up and the man is no longer obliged to support them, the husband often leaves the family ship, leaving his wife alone, aged, disappointed and embittered.
“My husband was curious about every skirt, and I knew that, recalls 55-year-old Stella Jenks. Once I found an invoice for a sofa that he bought for his office. I did not divorce him because of the children, thinking that they did not know what he was doing. When the children graduated from college, he left the family and married his last girlfriend. A woman of the same age as our eldest daughter. Later I found out that the children had known all these years. They thought I didn’t suspect anything. ”