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Thoughts about mom to your mom

Thinking about the future, you can turn to your first role models to feel like a mother. Since you are literally following in the footsteps of your mother, relationships with her are even more important. Depending on what they were, you will either become calmer or find yourself in a state of internal conflict. Katie Scott just came to her senses after a stormy transition period overshadowed by fierce battles with her mother when she suddenly became pregnant. “I was very afraid that I would become like my mother, admits Cathy, the only child of elderly parents who became pregnant at age 20. I remember writing in my children's diary: “Will I really be like my mother? Please, Lord, do not let me turn into my mother. "
Peggy Hathaway, by contrast, was unusually attached to her mother. “We just adored each other, and I wanted to be like her,” recalls Peggy. When I became pregnant, I felt the need to be like her. It brought us even closer. ”