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Alone with fear

After you realize that you can control your fear, your psychologist will probably offer you a test. “This is an old method to sit in the saddle again and again if it fails,” says Dr. Levin. That is, you should not allow yourself to avoid situations in which the risk of an attack increases. On the contrary, you must recreate them. ” Doctors use therapy, which suggests that you will gradually return to the places that cause your fear and put yourself in situations that can trigger an anxiety attack, until you learn to talk in detail about the symptoms found.
“Suppose you cannot force yourself to go to the grocery store because you are afraid of an attack and you become more confused about your feelings,” says Dr. Danca. The first thing we suggest is to go to the store with a friend, next to whom you feel safe. You can just walk around the store for about 30 minutes. When you find that you do not have anxiety or feel only very light anxiety, it will be time to move on to the next stage of treatment, suggesting that your friend will walk a little distance from you. Then your friend can expect you around the store, after some time in the car. Each time, you gain courage and eventually free yourself from fear and anxiety.
The most important thing to remember, Dr. Danku adds, is that if you have signs of an approaching attack, you should not try to get away from the situation, you need to get the alarm off. If you do not run to a “safe” place at the first symptoms, you will learn how to manage your anxieties and fears. ”