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Our bodies ourselves

Why are ordinary women so eager to acquire the angularity of, say, Polina’s models or actresses Julia Roberts, whose bodies are professional tools, and their size, naturally, is inherent in only 5 percent of the population?
Most women due to hereditary factors can not achieve just such a figure. And this is the whole difficulty. “Our culture, says sociologist-historian Robert Pollack Seid, in his book“ Grow thin in moderation, ”set the standard for the body of a woman, contrary to the biology of a woman.” Although we can deny that biology determines what concerns our body, it is nonetheless true. In the soft tissues of the female body should contain about 22 percent of fat to start and continue menstruation. If a woman’s body does not contain enough fat, amenorrhea (absence of the menstrual cycle) with thinning of bone tissue and infertility can develop.
We are also limited by what nutritionists call a setting value, that is, a weight that we can maintain without conscious effort. When the weight falls below the set value, our body ruthlessly seeks to regain the status quo, storing energy and increasing appetite, which is one of the main reasons that dieters lose the battle.
One of the women adherents of the diet realized the futility of their constant efforts to lose weight to the size of a model when, in her own words, she read an article in a magazine about movie stars and their clothes. “Before I read this article, I didn’t suspect that an adult could have a 4th size! she is surprised. I could not put my hand in a dress of this size. I decided that rather than going on a concentration camp diet, I'd rather wear my 12th size and be happy. ”