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Slight soreness

Some of the most common problems associated with breastfeeding can be prevented if you know about them in advance. “Although most women first feel pain when they begin to breastfeed, notes Walker, there is usually no great pain.” It is necessary to prepare the nipples in advance, which is not at all difficult, except for the fact that it is useful to walk for a while without a bra, so that the breasts rub lightly on the fabric of clothing and that the air flows freely around them.
After a week or two, the pain disappears. If this does not happen, if the soreness increases during nursing, then Walker may suggest, you are holding the baby incorrectly, or he sucks incorrectly, or your breasts become too hard (overflowed with milk), which most often causes soreness early on. breastfeeding.
To master the correct feeding position or to understand whether the baby is sucking properly, you may need help. The child must open his mouth wide to grab the nipple and 1 / 4-1 / 2 inches of the isola of the pigmented area of ​​the breast around the nipple. You can hold your chest with four fingers below and a thumb above. Press the child sideways or tummy to your belly so that his mouth is flush with the nipple.
To induce the desire to suck, inject some milk into his mouth, the baby will open it wide, begin to suck and swallow the milk.