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Marriage life is much like lunch. You are satisfied with what you eat, until you see what others have.
This happens in both good and bad marriages. Infidelity is the main cause of divorce, but sometimes it improves relationships.
In all likelihood, at least 50 percent of all women live with their husbands, who have altered or changed, although some experts believe that this figure may be even higher. But what changes the modern picture in comparison with past times is the number of women playing these games.
“As for adultery, women are catching up with men,” says Judith Slater, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist practicing in Buffalo. One of the reasons may be that the majority of women now work, they have to communicate more often with men, and therefore they have more opportunities to enter into extramarital affairs. ”
The only thing that seems to remain unchanged is the great emotional vulnerability of women, even if they are deceiving their husbands.

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