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Sharp belly

It occurs in acute surgical diseases of the abdominal organs and extraperitoneal localization. May occur when:
1. Acute gastric disease and 12 p. Intestine. 2. Acute intestinal disease. 3. Thrombosis of the mesenteric vessels. 4. Acute gallbladder and pancreas disease. 5. Infringement of a hernia. 6. Closed abdominal trauma. 7. Acute peritonitis. 8. Diseases of the female genital area.
9. Urological diseases.
Symptoms and course:
Clinically acute abdomen is expressed by a number of signs: pain, vomiting, intestinal obstruction phenomena, muscle tension of the anterior abdominal wall. Patients with these phenomena should be hospitalized in the hospital, in some cases (most) surgical treatment.
It must be remembered - in order to accurately conduct recognition and select the correct treatment tactics, in order not to complicate the pathological process and not “smear” the clinical picture, patients with an “acute abdomen” cannot until the final diagnosis:
1. Assign painkillers.
2. Give laxatives and do cleansing enemas.
3. Flush the stomach.
4. Apply heat treatments.