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Pedophilia ("love of children")

- Sexual attraction to children. It is more often observed in men, including senile age. The victims are mostly girls 8-11 years old, but there are also babies. Among pedophiles (child molesters), only a small percentage of random people. These are mostly familiar "uncles" or relatives (sexual intercourse with a relative - incest). To facilitate acquaintance with children, pedophiles specifically choose an occupation that gives them this opportunity (teachers, coaches and educators in kindergartens, schools, boarding schools). Some get satisfaction from touching the genitals, others from displaying pornographic postcards and their own genitals with subsequent coercion to sexual intercourse. Acts of violence can be accompanied by sadism up to the brutal murder. Aggressive pedophiles - women haters, people with sexual problems. Their sexual contacts are impulsive in nature and occur with unfamiliar children. The desire usually arises suddenly, they are urgently looking for a victim, unable to suppress the desire and commit physical violence, often with serious consequences.