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Why do men cheat

Since men and women do not treat treason in the same way, it is not surprising that they change due to various motivations.
Many men are drawn to sexual adventure. “It’s not to say that men are not attracted by romance and special relationships connected with love affairs. Of course, it attracts them, notes Dr. Slater. But for men, sex in itself is indisputably important. ”
For many representatives of the stronger sex, a love affair means a violation of monotony of an established but ordinary life associated with work, home, wife and children. “Communication on the side is an opportunity to escape from everyday life, seductive rest and entertainment, adds Dr. Slater. And if family life develops unsuccessfully, too many quarrels, for example, a novel becomes an outlet where there are no conflicts and you can regain a sense of control. ”
But not all men give birth to sex. “There are those for whom sex and emotional intimacy are equally important, so the novel can be deeply rooted,” says Dr. Slater. These men usually suffer from feelings of guilt and it can be very strong. "
“There is also a variety of men who are confident that connections on the side are quite acceptable,” says Dr. Glas. This is part of their value system, they have no sense of guilt.
It’s a mistake to expect Don Juan to change their habits, warns Dr. Glace. If your husband was before marriage, the chances that he will become an exemplary husband are small. ”