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Positive side: super happy super mom

This is not to say that all super women are unhappy. “There is nothing wrong with wanting all this,” says Shaevich. On the contrary, a number of studies have shown that a woman who combines family and work is happier and has better health than traditional housewives. ” “Although people in many roles have many different needs, they adapt more easily, perhaps because they get job satisfaction,” says Sharon A. Loubel, Ph.D., a professor of management at the School of Business and Economics at the University of Seattle.
One of the advantages of such a lifestyle when you have a family and work outside the home is that you have more opportunities to live a full life and increase your self-esteem. You risk a lot if, according to a saying, put all your eggs in one basket. When your child throws hysteria in the supermarket, you are unlikely to fall strongly in your eyes if you have just been made the manager of the sales department. And vice versa, troubles at work are forgotten if at home you hear: "I love you, mommy."
Dr. Loubel, combining professional activities with family responsibilities, having a husband-doctor and a 4-year-old daughter, admits that she never wondered: “What do I want in life?”
“There are many answers, maybe too many, she laughs. "There are different ways to fill life, and this is better than living, not being sure that you are worth something."
In addition, in all this there is a psychological moment. When you take on something and it turns out, you feel pride. Honor and praise. But when this fails, you become like a magician, a juggler who rotates the plates on the poles. As soon as one falls, everyone falls.